About us

The Aims and Objectives of Lewisham Anti-cuts Alliance

The campaign is an alliance of individuals and organisations that are opposed to all cuts in services and jobs in Lewisham. The alliance aims to campaign with service users, unions, and community groups to prevent these cuts. We are against the privatisation of any public services.

The alliance believes that campaigns must be based on the grassroots workers and service users affected by these cuts. We encourage all workers – employed and unemployed, to join a trade union and participate in union activities. We aim to promote equality, we are against racism and all forms of discrimination, and resist all forces which seek to foster division in our communities and workplaces.

The alliance seeks to promote the linking up of anti cuts campaigns, union campaigns, and trades council activity, so that anti-cuts campaigning can be coordinated locally and regionally to maximise effectiveness, and solidarity between workers and users in different services affected by the cuts.

The alliance is not dominated or controlled by any political organisation, and welcomes any individuals or organisations that agree with the above aims.

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For more information, email us at lewishamanticutsalliance@gmail.com or contact Tony Reay at 07903 755074.

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